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The world economy today is driven by technology. Anybody that have desire to move up the ladder of success must acquire skills. There are skills that are most relevant for organizations and even government establishment workforce.

Hence our organization is well positioned to fill the gap by providing excellent and quality training programs for all category of students based on their learning ability, time, availability and resources.


  • Computer training
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Web design and development.

Computer Training

There are lots of Computer programs or tools available for use to make daily job delivery easy, fast, minimal error and fun as long as one has the skill to use them. Anyone without computer skill in this present era is prepared for frustration and failure in any job delivery.

Computer skills has become a priority in every job placement. Some job interviews are computer based, there is hardly any establishment that operate without using computer software in their day to day work performance. You cannot become relevance in today’s work and business environment without at least having basic computer knowledge.

Our services in computers training include the following packages: Microsoft word, Power Point, Excel, Access, Graphic design, Desktop publishing and printing etc. The programs are design based on student's need. Our training is practical based, operating one computer per student, no sharing of computer system.

We also handle executive training for company workers and business executives who wish to acquire computer knowledge but are constrained by lack of time. As solution providers, we train you at our office or work place making learning more fluid and easy. Therefore, no excuse for you not having computer skill to enhance your performance with good result.

There is holiday training program for student who are still in school but want to acquire computer skill to help them in their academic assignments. There are programs for 2 weeks, month or more depending on the period of the holiday. It can be daily or 3 times a week all depends on student's convenience and available time.

We have also design home service program for mothers and caregivers who may have PC in their homes without using them. We meet you in your house to train you, where others see barriers we see opportunity. So staying at home is not a barrier to us. Get computer knowledge and apply it on your home online business. Make money while at home. Learn computer today and explore the world at the comfort of your house.

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Customer Relationship Management

This is very important aspect of any business, be it organization, company and even government. No business can survive without good customer base. Having realized this and also being an expert in customer service, we design training programmes for organizations, businesses and individuals etc exposing them to strategies for effective customer management, handling complaints, quality service, pricing, swot analysis, appearance, interactions etc  that enhances customer retention and loyalty. Our training is design with practical sessions. We train base on needs. it can be conducted in our office one on one, at our client's company or online.

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Web Design and Development

Web designing is a technical work that needs creative mind, due diligent, concentration as well as patience. It is not meant for everyone. Designing a web site is an herculean task due to its scope and technicalities.

Web designing has become popular in recent years due to explosion of internet activities, it is a broad field with lot of opportunities. The internet has revolutionized the world and makes it a global village in such a way that a person from one part of the world orders or provides services to various parts of the world within seconds. It is a wonderful market place for buyers and sellers.

The work of a web designer is not as simple as it sounds, it includes graphic design, Interface designing, User-experience designing, SEO, content management etc. Hence, it is important to undergo training to acquire these skills from industry expert, who will deliver service based on student's need and learning ability. Our web designing training program is packaged in a way that even the student who has no basic knowledge of web designing can learn from basics and reach to expert level.

In our web designing course you will learn how to create a static website without thinking of data or internet service from start to finish, dynamic and responsive website for companies, e-commerce website to create your own online store in front of millions of net users.

You will fulfill your purpose of learning web designing and development be it for job placement, to create a blog, store, develop and manage sites for individuals and organisations, branding etc, you are at the right place. We provide you with necessary software that will make your learning easy.


Our prices are economy friendly, we accept payment by instalment.

You can visit our office for more information:

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