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Stop answering sir hundred times for peanut, rise up and take action to breakthrough and be your own boss. Remember money does not grow on trees but strategic action on a proven system generate money even while sleeping.

The world is technologically driven...mobile phones has become a vital means of communication especially in the business world. There is hardly any home without mobile phone. Hence, this is a great opportunity for any businesss that is mobile driven and one of such is Bulk SMS business.

You can send customised message to thousands of of business prospects or customers at cheap rate just by a click on your phone. Being a reseller offers you means of making money and carrying out transaction even while on transit with phone. Don't wait to be told, be a partaker.


Marketing for the business is very simple and customers are all over the place. Nearly every one and businesses needs the services...Your customers span accross individuals, families, Organizations and companies, entrepreneurs, churches and mosque, groups, associations, politicians, political parties, maeket women, students, schools, institutions, corporate bodies etc. the list is unlimited. You can reach your prospective customers one on one, telephone conversation, social media, email and written proposal...On how to write a winning bulk SMS proposal read here.

Become our reseller get a complete SMS website of your own (www.yourbusinessname.com) installed with our robust program that makes it possible for you to sell SMS, manage your members, get orders, approve purchases, view transactions e.t.c. As a reseller, you can get SMS at very low prices and make good money with little effort. See SMS reseller features you will have here


Robust registration form.

Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID.

Type multiple SMS recipients, select recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and CSV(excel) file.

SMS character counter for composing SMS i.e Page: 1, Characters left: 157, Total Typed Characters: 3

SMS scheduling for future delivery with date picker. Duplicate number remover.

Numbers can be in the format of +2348080000000 or 2348080000000 or 08080000000.

Automatic removal of invalid characters from numbers e.g space,;,:,.,',`,(,),{,},#,-,_ and?

Displays member SMS units left and SMS Units used

Phone book to store phone groups and numbers

Add multiple numbers to phone book group at once

Upload numbers to phone group from file

Delete a phonebook group and all its records

View to all sent SMS messages with recipients, message status, credit used, date scheduled, date delivered

Search, copy and sort sent SMS messages with page numbers and page size

Order/Request/purchase SMS credits with automatic cost calculator

Transaction/purchase history with Transaction date, amount, credit requested, status and date approved

Search, copy and sort transaction history with page numbers and page size

View personal details

Change password on settings page or use Joomla user details page Set default sender ID

Members can transfer SMS units to another member


Send SMS to all members

Specify No of free SMS units for new members e.g new members get 5 free SMS>/p>

Specify how many SMS units is regarded as low SMS

Alert member by SMS and email when credit is below your specified level

Specify captcha type(local captcha or google ReCaptcha)

Create/edit Welcome SMS message for new members

Create/edit SMS to send to members when their SMS orders have been approved

Create/edit SMS to send to members when their credit is below your specified level

Create/edit SMS to send to members when they place an order

Create/edit SMS to send to administrator when members place order

Create/edit Welcome Email

Create/edit Email to send to members when orders have been approved

Create/edit Email to send to members when their credit is below ur specified level

Create/edit Email to send when members place an order

Create/edit SMS Sender ID for automatic notification SMS sent to members

Create/edit Email Sender's Email Address for email messages automatically sent to members

Create/edit Subject for approval email

Create/edit Subject for low credit email

Create/edit Subject for new member email

Create/edit Subject for new order email

Set/change SMS API Gateway URL to any provider

Create/edit Selling price per SMS unit for different quantity of SMS purchases

Specify county codes that use more that 1 SMS unit per text message

Set/edit Currency symbol

Set/edit No of records to display per page on member and admin pages

You'll get your own SMS API to Give to your own customers and resellers.

You'll get SMS Cron Url for scheduled SMS (If you want to add your own cron job for scheduled SMS)

You'll get SMS HTML desktop Application for use on desktop, mobile or on web pages

Export all phone numbers that have ever received SMS from you portal and your resellers in one click

Export all phone numbers of all members in one click

Export all phone numbers in member phone books in one click

Admin view of all address book records and groups

Admin view of all SMS messages sent by members, resellers or through API

Admin view of all transactions for viewing, approval, cancelling or deletion

Automatically credits member SMS account upon approval of SMS request transaction

Automatically SMS and email to member upon approval of SMS request transaction

View, edit and delete any member account

Manually reduce/increase any member account SMS units

Registration cannot be repeated for registered phone number/email address

Free i60Contact Us form with captcha

Free GSM Phone Number generator

Thousands of free Joomla templates to change website look and feel online.

Contact us form

User Management

Banner Management for adverts and google Adsense Polls

Built-in search engine

Content Management: Creating content is simple with the WYSIWYG editor, giving even novice users the ability to combine text, images in an attractive way. Once you've created your articles, there are a number of pre-installed modules to show the most popular articles, latest new items, newsflashes, related articles, and more.

The Menu Management allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need.

Speedy page loads are possible with page caching, granular-level module caching, and GZIP page compr.

To become a reseller simply make payment to any of our bank accounts:

Acct Name: Ekarika, Ndiana-Abasi, 0391053440, Ecobank. or 3065763576 First Bank.

After payment of the NGN50,000, kindly text the depositor's name, Amount paid, purpose of payment and email address to 080-636-88478

We accept part payment and balance on project delivery.

When we confirm your payment we will set-up your own bulk SMS reseller website and deliver it within 48hours accompanied by a guideline manual that will help you to make some changes such as price setup etc.

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Business has taken a different dimensions in the 21st century.

customers and client access businesses for products and services through online in seconds and minutes with the click of a button. 
Therefore, as a business you have to move with the trend by embracing the benefits of internet through digital marketing.

there are clients out there who are looking for your products and services. 
We can link your business to their reach. consult us for your digital marketing need. 
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